A la question “Would you recommend Shiatsu Kairos to others?”, ils ont répondu :

3/12/2018 : Mathieu was very pleasent and kind.
5/11/2018 : Amazing experience! Mathieu is very friendly & caring. Nice atmosphere, great location. Excellent moment of relaxation and connection to my body.
5/19/2018 : Never had a shiatsu massage before and found the whole experience both relaxing and invigorating.
6/2/2018 : Excellent technique as a highly trained masseur
6/8/2018 : Mathieu comes highly recommended.
8/9/2018 : Traitement très personnalisé et approfondi. Super.
8/22/2018 : Great experience and adventure into body/ soul awareness.
9/7/2018 : Great treatment

A la question, “One thing you especially liked about Shiatsu Kairos?” ils ont répondu :


3/16/2018 : Patience and took time in explaining the techniques
4/9/2018 : Great practitioner
4/9/2018 : massage given with care and quality
4/27/2018 : La vue sur un magique jardin et les arbres
5/1/2018 : Mathieu is a nice guy.
5/11/2018 : Absolute relaxing time
5/19/2018 : How gentle it was, yet it felt powerful. I don’t often buy into the whole notion of energy lines, etc, but I could literally feel the heat coming off Matthieu’s hands and seeping into pain points in my body.
5/22/2018 : Mathieu is truly an expert and was very attentive to my needs.
6/2/2018 : Excellent technique as a highly trained masseur
6/8/2018 : The very professional and friendly approach. First few minutes spent discussing and explaining.
6/8/2018 : He is truly professional!
6/14/2018 :The therapist was friendly, attentive, patient, listening as well as providing advice.
8/8/2018 : The explanations and kind attention given before, during and after service.
8/13/2018 : Good treatment and nice studio.
8/16/2018 : We had time to speak together in a quiet and calm place.
8/23/2018 : Very calm and discreet
8/30/2018 : Very professional and I found the massage really effective and relaxing.
9/3/2018 : Easy to reach venue, good treatment.
9/7/2018 : Nice athmosphere, very relaxing
9/10/2018 : Relaxation
9/11/2018 : Friendliness
9/15/2018 : All
6/8/2018 : Very satisfied of my shiatsu session. Mathieu really knows his craft.
8/8/2018 : Thank you! What a wonderful offer, a happy discovery!
8/16/2018 : i recommend
8/22/2018 : Thank you